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by Shane Collens

Born 1953, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

Design Services

  • Branding : logo design, image (identity, continuity)
  • Publishing : graphics, web, print (ads, promos)


Design Process

  • "enquiry, evidence, reason"
  • "research, data, hypothesis"
  • "ready, steady, go"

Design is as much to do with science (process) as it is to do with art (emotion). The first of which is universal, the second is influenced by culture, and when combined, will find solutions to fit the brief. I like first to listen, secondly research the meaning and then make sense of the ideas in sketch.

Design Experience


  • Secondary (UK): Mathematics, Physics, Art
  • Tertiary (Sussex): Graphics, Photography
  • Tertiary (London): Fashion, Textiles

Brand application and continuity

The idea of a brand, logo or icon dates back to the beginning of visual communication. Whilst early 'marks' depicted rank and authority, as in coats of arms, marks of trade gradually emerged.

The oldest registered trademark in the world is the Bass triangle of 1875, brewers of fine ale in England. The simple red triangle appeared on all their products before 'advertising' was a profession, before 'branding' was a university degree.

Recognizability and continuity are how we remember products and services. Instant recognition of images presented in promotion is considered as well as continuity of quality.

Start the way you mean to continue

Before offering products and services, you will already have researched the market and refined the items. You intend to provide either something different (alternative) or superior (competitive).

First impressions are important. There can be no better reason why your image must have the same quality of investment and attention as your product or service, before launching.

A personal voyage

From discovery and development to media and identity, full circle,see 'History'.


Take your image as seriously as you take your beach.

Shane Collens Sussex Beach Hut Denzil Beadon 1973

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