Family Planning Association of Trinidada and Tobago

Family Planning Association of Trinidad and Tobago
Description Family planning and contraception clinics, planned parenthood, contraceptive and infertility counselling, sexual health education and HIV/AIDS awareness, condom, diaphragm and iud support.
Keywords contraceptive, contraception, family planning, fpa, health, men, reproductive, reproductive right, sex, women, youth, abstinence, advocacy, aids, blood pressure test, breast examination, cancer, clinic, condom, counselling, diaphragm, education, fertility regulation, fpatt, gynaecology, healthlink, hiv, infertility, intra-uterine device, ippf, iud, men's health, menopause, mobile clinic, ngo, oral contraceptive, outreach team, pap smear, planned parenthood, population growth, pill, pregnancy, prostate, psa test, reproductive health, reproductive organ, sexual health, sexuality, responsible sexual behaviour, spermicide, srh training, std, sti, telethon, tobago, trinidad, tubal ligation, urine test, vasectomy, women's health, youth advocacy movement, young people
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